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  1. Join Photinuum. You need a User account in order to participate in a photo challenge. Click on the 'Join Photinuum' button on the home page and follow the instructions. All you need is a username, password, and email address. Add a profile picture and don’t forget to choose your location to attach the flag of the country you are from.
  2. Create a Photo Challenge. You need to be signed in to your account to upload photos. To start a photo challenge, choose a Starter photo that you wish to upload. Add a title and a description to the photo to entice other Users to add their own photo. In the example below, the Starter photo is titled “Dragonfly” with the description “Let’s see your close-up of a dragonfly. This one has a clipped wing, so extra points if yours does too!”
    Starter Dragonfly
  3. Tag Your Photo. Tags are key words that you can associate with a photo that you upload. This will make it easier for others to find a photo challenge of interest or to make sure their new challenge hasn’t already been done.
  4. Respond to a Photo Challenge. To add your own photo to an existing challenge, click on “Take the Challenge” under the Starter photo and follow the instructions.
    Starter Dragonfly  Dragonfly 1
  5. Post a Comment. Commenting on other User’s photos adds to the joy of a good challenge and connects you with other Users and their interests. Simply type in a comment in the text box provided and click on the submit button.
  6. Add a Friend. You can also add friends to your profile and follow their challenges and vice versa. Search for a friend using the search engine in the pull-down menu on the top navigation bar titled “Friends”. To add a friend, simply click on the “Add as a Friend” link next to their profile photo.
  7. Create a Group. To share a common interest, create a group and ask others to join. The sky is the limit. It can be as general as “Insects” to “Dragonflies of California”.
  8. Share Photinuum. Invite others to join Photinuum and be part of a fun new way to connect with other photo lovers from around the world. Simply click on one of the share buttons on the home page (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, email).
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