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Welcome to Photinuum!

Photinuum is an interactive website that blends the best of two worlds: sharing photos and social networking. Most photo sharing sites focus on creating memories. Photinuum takes it a step further by creating connections!

Users can create their own profile page, upload an interesting Starter photo, and then “challenge” other Users to upload photos of their own that are similar. The challenge can be to replicate the content, the composition, or even the technical aspects of the Starter photo. Photo challenges can be as simple as “my pet dog” or as complex as “eating my first souvlaki in Greece”. The easier your challenge, the more people will be able to replicate your Starter photo. The harder your challenge, the more…um…challenging it will be…which is a whole other kind of fun!

If you are up to the challenge, you can add a photo to an existing thread. If you created a challenge, sit tight and wait for others to add a photo to your thread! Once a challenge is in progress, you can comment on other Users’ photos. If you like someone’s photo, add them as a Friend. Want to promote challenges that have a common interest? Create a group and invite Friends to join!

Whether comparing photos for fun or testing an enthusiast’s technical knowledge, Photinuum brings people together. Photinuum knows that people from all over the world can have something in common but still remain unique.

Show your uniqueness through similarity. Join Photinuum today and start a photo challenge that will connect you with the world!

For further information please contact Photinuum at info@photinuum.com.

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